Help! Computer wont turn on....motherboard issues?

So I'm a little frustrated and dont really know where else to turn. I recently built a new rig (see sig for specs) and had been run a stable safe OC for abot 1.5 weeks. I was visiting my family and decided to take up the computer with me....upon setting it up, everything was fine, it booted up, posted, no issues. The following morning, I tried to turn the computer on, nothing. No power, no fans spinning, no monitor output, nothing. I did have two lights on the MOBO on, the power light and the reset light....I tried starting with those, no I unplugged the computer from the power cable, pushed the on button for 30 seconds, plugged it back in, and started.....then later, I shut the computer down...attempted to turn it back on 1.5 hrs later, same problems, had to unplug the power cable and do the same th ing to get it to start. Sometimes when I turn it on after doing the above mentioned task, I get either no output to the monitor, and then have to push the reset button, and then I get output, but I get a screen that tells me I need to go back into the bios to load defaults.....I am so frustrated!!! I dont think its the PSU....but I could be initial instinct was the motherboard but I really dont know......anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Sorry specs are below

    h80 Corsair water cooler
    Asus P8Z68 vPro/Gene 3
    Corsair HX 750
    EVGA GTX 570
    Ripjaws F3 4Gb ram x 2 DDR3 1600mhz
    SSD 128gb
    500 GB HDD
    LG Blue-ray disc/writer
    6 case fans (Cougar Vortex)
  2. My first suspect is the PSU. It sounds like you have a problem in the startup circuits.
  3. Tried the psu in another system for 1 hour testing on and issues.....used a good known 500w psu on the new build with no issues......the newer psu passed the paper clip test......any thoughts on where to go from here? Could it be something on the motherboard that shorts out every now and then?
  4. Try without gpu
    but it seems like psu is 500 but for gpu needed 550 watt might be because of that try without gpu and boot up
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