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Did my motherboard burn?

I was using gigbyte x58a-ud3r for last 1.5 years without any big problem. 2 days ago I changed my GTX460 to new GTX580. When I turned on computer it started but turned off and on itself before boot. I was doing same thing sometimes so i thought it is ok. Also my PSU is 700W, so i didn't think there is problem. after couple hours I played suddenly it turned off itself and since i cannot turn it on it just starts and after 3-4 seconds it turn off. So later when i search on internet about problem. I found out about PSU. I did not know that also A on the 12V is important. I checked mine and it was 18A and 580 needs 40A min.

So I dissemble my pc to check motherboard and behind it i saw some little part looks burn but because i never saw before i couldn't know is it the problem. I upload the images. So someone who know about this please help me guys.

What do you think the problem might be?
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  1. It seems like burned
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    Prime example of 2 things, never buy a POS power supply, and 2, know what you are doing, before ya do it. Just sayin.
  3. Well guys it turned out that nothings wrong with my motherboard. The problem was power switch of case. I changed it and everythings works smooth.
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