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Taskbar and AMD VISION Control Center Problem

Hi, I've noticed that I've been having a minor problem recently. Whenever I play Skyrim, after I quit, my taskbar lags and AMD VISION Engine Control Center freezes upon loading and doesn't let me click anything, so I have to kill it by right clicking on the icon. The only fix to both of these problems is restarting, which is kind of annoying. I've tried killing explorer.exe and reloading it through Task Manager, but that didn't help.

I know that this is a pretty vague explanation, but do you have any advice? I'm using a Radeon HD 6850, AMD Phenom ii x6 1065T 2.9Ghz (with TurboBoost), 8 GB 1333 RAM, nothing overclocked, and I've got the latest Catalyst/AMD/ATI video card drivers. I launch Skyrim through Steam, and I run it at almost max settings at 1920x1080. No other game I've tried has caused this. Is it possible that my problem might lie in TurboBoost, my graphics settings, or is it merely a software glitch that might get fixed later?

I've played:
Killing Floor,
Half Life 2: Episode Two
Team Fortress 2
Counter Strike: Source
Garry's Mod

On this computer. No really recent games, since this is new and those were the only games my other computer could support.

Thanks for any help you can give!
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    You have basically the same system i have a 6790, I've never had this issue after playing skyrim (legit or pirate versions), have you tried killing all the steam processes, and killing the MOM.exe and some of the other stupid ATI processes?
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