Is 400w PSU enough for my machine?


I am looking to upgrade my hard drive, and since my MoBo is outdated, i have to update that, and also my CPU/Processor. I found a great deal, I think, at, I was wondering, would 400 watts be enough to power

Intel Core i7-2600 processor

8 GB of ram

Nvidia gtx 450

HITACHI Deskstar 7K3000 Hard drive Mobo

And also, is this deal good? ( It is about $70 dollars cheaper then what I was going to get seperatley (i5 processor, 2tb hard drive, biostar Mobo and 6 gb of ram.)
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  1. 500w should be enough for that build if its a decent psu. What psu do you plan to get? Stick with the top brands such as corsair etc as the cheapo generic crap dont put out the power they say and can f up your pc.
  2. I wasn't planning on getting a new PSU as i have a budget of ~500 and at this time thats what the combo costs, I might upgrade in the future, at the moment I am not sure what brand, it is inside the silver box.

    Are those good components for the price?

    I just found out, its 400w not 500w
  3. If it is a cheap generic PSU that came pre-installed in the case, it is probably of very low quality, probably overrated by a good 25%-33%, and not suitable to power a modern PC. A quality 450W-500W PSU would be sufficient for your system. Look for full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and some level of 80+ certification for efficiency.
  4. yeah open your pc up and check what psu it is, it sounds to be a cheap generic one and you would need to upgrade the psu before installing those components. a decent 500w psu is needed
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