Where can I find the addresses from Memtest86?

I have and old computer. It's a Windows 95 HP Vectra VE 200 mhz MMX 160 mb ram 168-pin 8 mb graphcard etc.
But i have one big problem.

The computer works, but i cannot play games or install programs on it beacuse i will get blue screen.
I get blue screen beacuse i have over 10000 errors per 10 minute on memtest86.

I get errors like this:


But, what does that mean? I cannot understand them? :o
I think is about the memory. But im not sure.
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  1. It means the memory has a problem. pull it and test one stick at a time.

    In all seriousness I don't know what you are trying to install but I wouldn't expect ANYTHING to run on that. at least not anything useful.
  2. No! he memory isin't the problem. I have bougth a new one but i got the same error.
    I have tested to start the computer with no RAM, it didin't work :D I wounder why :pt1cable:
    But i have tested all the slots with the new ram, but i got the same error.

    Im install dos programs, Internet Explorer 5.5 and Half-life 1 <3.
    That works before this problem.
  3. Anyone knows the problem?
    I realy want to go back to Windows 95 agin. A wonderfull time with happynes!
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