Pentium 5 processor

Hello, when was pentium 5 prosessor realesed
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  1. Ask to Intel
  2. Or if your after a 5x86 then that would be the one released by AMD called Am5x86 or the Cyrix Cx5x86 and was an upgrade path for 486 based systems.

    Intels 5th generation microarchitecture code named P5 was branded as the Pentium family.
  3. We released the Intel® Pentium® 5 on January 5th of 20….. Oh wait we never have released a Pentium 5 processor. We changed the microarchitecture from the NetBurst to the Core microarchitecture ended the advancing Intel Pentium tags. Today the Pentium name is being used on the low end of our current generation processors.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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