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Will Asus M5A88-M support Piledriver CPU?

Hi guys the thread heading says it all..what do u say???plzzz reply now because i m going buy it tomorrow


IF NO then i will buy this because i dont need those fancy features..
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  1. Most likely ... AMD is supporting AM3+ through 2015 so not only is there Piledriver, but quite possibly Steamroller & Excavator. It's up to Asus, really, and the higher you go up the motherboard chain the better chance you will have for future processors.

    So a 9XX board should also be considered.
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    Well, since Piledriver has not been released, no one can actually say for sure that it will be supported on that board. However, since that board is an AM3+ Socket motherboard, it will most likely support piledriver CPU's. Let's all hope that Piledriver actually gets a substantial performance improvement so that it will actually be worth upgrading to it.
  3. For what Bulldozer does, it's fine. It's just too hot, and AMD will fix that.

    I don't think there is any doubt that future *AM3+* processors will work on the socket -- the question is whether the OEM will support it on that model. You don't have anything to worry about with your motherboard, for instance.

    I'm not certain your expectations of Bulldozer-Pilerdriver are realistic. Volts will drop 10-15% and performance will increase 10-15% in each core progression: Bulldozer-Piledriver-Steamroller-Excavator

    The key step in the progression is Pilerdriver-Steamroller, which is 32nm to 28nm. The last 2 die-shrinks have not been kind to AMD, but they are confident with the half-node.

    It's important to understand AMD Hetro-Compute. The core design with Zambezi works, but ultimately, the core design will work even better with a SIMD Engine Array (GPU) and unified memory controller. The chip logic will compute C++/OpenCL across the most efficient cores, be they CPU or Radeon GCN cores.

    Trinity, with Piledriver CPU cores and Turks GPU cores, is the third step in the progression to Kaveri THE REAL FUSION APU

    :lol: AMD is confusion'ing me.

    The 2013 Kaveri APU unifies x86 addressing for the 28nm Steamroller CPU cores and the 28nm Cape Verde GCN cores (let's guess - a cut-down 400?). At this point, I suspect, the Llano-Trinity-Kaveri APU Hudson FMX line to generally equal or exceed that of the Bulldozer-Piledriver-Steamroller-Excavator AM3+ 990FX series. Simply because of GCN compute.

    But, wait. There's more :o

    Your 990FX will easily take you to 2014, likely with Steamroller/Excavator, but what ultimately replaces the legendary series at EOL? Look to the Optys and their integration of 'Sea Island' GCN cores. I bet it has DDR4, too.
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