Compatible PC steering wheels with Windows 7 Pro. 64bit.

I bought Windows 7 Pro. 64bit and installed it on my PC just to find out that my old Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel isn't compatible. I've been searching for a Wheel that is Windows 7 Pro. 64bit. Compatible with not much luck. I really don't want to pay over $150 for a Win. 7 Pro. Compatible wheel. Does anyone have any ideas ?
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  1. Since you're running win pro, if you can find the XP driver you may be able to install it in compatibility mode. I've done this with legacy drivers to some degree of success.

    Ultimately your old hardware may not work on win7, and you'll do like I did and install an XP partition (or an XP HDD) on your machine just so you can play some of your older games.
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