P8Z68-v/gen3 + GTX570 but no image?

Hey folks,

I just build my computer and I ran into a problem. This is on a complete clean system with only Windows 7 just installed, nothing more.

When I power up my computer with a cable connected to my videocard in the upper PCIe slot I can't get any image. Also, when I put the video cable in the mobo itself (which is when I do get image) my computer doesn't even recognize the card as it being in there. I tried another good working videocard and it also didn't work. Then I tried the GTX570 in an older PC and there I do get image, so this is making me believe there is something wrong with the PCIe ports.
Does anyone know a solution? Is there a mobo chipset update needed or anything like that?

My complete rig is:
Intel Core i7 3770
8 gb Corsair RAM
Asus GTX 570
Asus P8Z68-v/gen3
Crucial m4 SSD 128gb

Thanks in advance!
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  1. update your bios version..
  2. Thanks for replying! My BIOS is already updated. Is has version 3304 on it.
  3. ok then try to use latest version of nvidia driver boot into safe mode and uninstall the older driver correctly then install fresh a driver.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to say this is on a new system. Only Windows 7 is installed, nothing else. But the videocard never showed any image. Not even when it was out of the case for testing if the components work before any Windows installation.
    I will try to download the Nvidia drivers and see if that makes a difference though. But I would expect that my mobo would pick up on the GTX570 from the start.
  5. if that don't work then try to put another video card in your system ??
  6. I have tried another videocard from which I know works fine because I use it on my other PC. That videocard also didn't give any image...
  7. I also tried to install Nvidia drivers just now, but I can't because it coudn't find any compatible hardware. So i'm really at a loss here.
  8. something wrong with your pci-e slot check the videocard in the other slot which you didn't test.
  9. First put your gpu driver's inside your pc then see if aint work pcie having trouble
  10. Put only those driver which gave by company via cd
  11. N are sure your using dvi cable or HDMI

    Try by checking hdmi
  12. I've just tried an old videocard in the 3rd (bottom) PCIe slot and that one did work. So the top 2 PCIe slots seem to be broken or something.

    @ Unknown, I can't install drivers because it says it can't find compatible hardware. And know that I know that the bottom slot does recognize my card, it means that it's the top 2 slots that are broken I guess. And that it's not a software problem.
  13. then sure your mobo pci-e slots are faulty if your mobo is under warranty then return to it as soon as possible.
  14. Go for RMA
  15. Will do, I just bought it a few days ago, so the warranty should be fine. But what do you guys think. Ask for the same mobo (and let them test it first)? Or ask if it's possible to get another mobo?
    Because I already spend 30 euro's at a computer store because they had to update my BIOS for it to be able to work with the Ivy Bridge CPU.

    Thank you guys very much for replying!
  16. Well if they agree to choose different then take if you like if not then just let them test everything once it got replaced :)
  17. And why you update bios by spending money you just need SB by your another PC or friend put it inside then upgrade then back it to normal for IVY
  18. get different brand like asrock z77 extreme4 they are good enough..
  19. I just built a i5-2500k system on the pro version of the mobo with an HD 6870.

    the uefi bios defaults to the mobo dvi output - which I used to test outside the box (w/ no video card).

    once reassembled inside the case, with video card installled, my bios found the card immediately.

    I later loaded the proper drivers to correct aspect ratios, resolutions, and overscans/underscans - - but the bios did recognize the card and connect through the card to the monitor.

    just sayin'...
  20. I tried setting the primary display to PCIe in the BIOS but it just turned back to "auto" after the reboot.
    And it never, not once, showed image through any videocard in the first 2 PCIe slots on the motherboard. And a friend of mine also has the pro version of this board and didn't have any problems.
    But I also came across someone else on the internet that had the same problem with the same mobo and videocard. His top 2 PCIe slots didn't work and his bottom one did. So I'm guessing there was a bad batch of mobo's of this type.
  21. go for RMA...
  22. Quote:
    did you enable PEG in your BIOS?

    Yes I did. Check my previous comment, I explained it in there.
  23. Niels87 said:
    Yes I did. Check my previous comment, I explained it in there.

    yeah i read that and deleted my comment. sorry.
  24. hey niels87@ i'm telling you there is nothing left so return it as soon as possible..
  25. xtreme5 said:
    hey niels87@ i'm telling you there is nothing left so return it as soon as possible..

    Hey xtreme5, yes thank you I will. I just wanted to reply to the man's comment out of decency. I will RMA the mobo asap and try to get a ASUS P8Z77-V PRO in return if that's even possible with their policy.
    Thanks again for your help! :)
  26. hmm, welcome.
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