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First of all, thanks for reading and trying to help me out. I bought a H61MXV Foxconn motherboard, used it normally for 3 days then it started to not recognize my GPU anymore (Geforce 8600GT). I tryied CMOS clearing and everything but no luck, the GPU cooler was spinning, and the GPU was seated correctly. I went to the Onboard video so i could try a bios update. I used the FOXliveupdate thing from the cd that came with my pc and updated flashed succesfully the BIOS. The program asked me to reboot the system, i ok'd it then it didnt post, just a black screen. i waited like 15 min then turned the power off, when i tried to turn on again the fans spinned for 2 seconds and rebooted continuosly just for like 2 seconds. I researched for 2 days and still no luck, it's an AMI Aptio bios chip, it's 4mb. I hope you guys can help me out in this one, i still have warranty but it will take ages (like 2 months). Specs: 2x Kingston KVR1333D3s8N9/2G, intel core i3-2100, geforce 8600GT, Foxconn h61mxv, hd samsung sata 2 80gb, samsung cd/dvd, PSU C3tech 450W (real) PS: i tried different graphic cards and different PSU's, still no beeps.
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  1. I feel your pain...... But, no sense in beating around the bush here.... You're screwed, plain and simple.

    After flashing a bios, if all you get is a blank screen, then the answer is easy: You bricked your mother board.

    Most bios up-dates are provided to fix specific issues. You should only flash if having one of those specific issues listed.

    At this point you have 2 choices. Since you cannot boot enough to re-flash the bios, you will need to order a new cmos chip from them. Or, you can get new mbod.

    I'm sorry I cannot give you better news. I hope it all works out for you.

    Good luck.
  2. Why did you flash the bios?? Good luck, and stay away from Foxconn junk.

    Obviously the bios wasn't your issue.

    For future reference, don't flash the bios unless there's a specific feature the new bios has that you need.
  3. i made an amateur choice i know, but i was so pissed with the GPU right there working and the mobo using the onboard graphics. i know that the mobo isn't DEAD, probably there's some hope but noone really said something about this AMI Aptio's UEFI BIOS. looks like it isn't as stable as it promises. i made a 24 hour cmos clear, removing the psu power cord, removing the baterry and letting the jumper sit. everyone knows about old methods to recovery the old AMI bios and the AMIBIOS8, maybe there's light for this new one!
  4. foxconn just replied me telling to RMA the mobo, i was afraid of that... 2 months waiting now! thanks god i have a laptop
  5. Hi ArkaNX,
    i hope u could solve your problem...
    I'm here to ask your help...
    We have in stock a big lot of these mainboards. We need to upgrade their bios they could support new 3rd Intel generation cpu.
    Foxconn released this bios just for mainboards equipped with 4MB bios chip.
    All our mainboards have Winbond 2MB bios chip.
    We are evaluating the possibility to change all bios chips with the 4MB model to upgrade all our mainboards to the new bios.
    But we don't know exactly which model to buy.
    If u still have this MB can you provide us the model number printed on the bios chip?
    Thank u a lot in advance.
    Bye, Ottavio.
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