Is this rig good enough to play crysis 2??

Hi, am new in this gaming rig madness, where everyone tries to have the best machine in order to have maximum fps in modern games such as crysis 2, black ops, modern warfare, etc.,,
But i can't spend more than $650

I'm building a new rig after my dual core is no more,,,
So i intend to buy these components:-

Processor: Core i3 2100 (2C/4T) 3.1 Ghz
Mobo: P8H61-M EVO
Gpu: Nvidia Gtx 550 ti
Ram: 4Gb Ram ddr3 1333mhz
Psu: 600 watts antec power supply
Hdd: 1 Tb western digital
And i will play on a resolution of 1366*768

Also i don't intend to overclock the rig..,,,

will it be playable?? I mean to say will i get playable framerates??

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  1. Definitely playable with a decent amount of detail at your resolution. Check Tom's benchmark:,2892-6.html

    Your processor is a champ for gaming, so no worries there. Changing your video card is the one thing that will really make a big impact on gaming performance... I'd be tempted to grab a 768mb GTX 460 instead (close to the same price these days - sometimes even cheaper) :
  2. Check out my build guide.

    The 550 Ti is not a really good card at all, better off getting the 6850 or saving and getting the 460 768mb. It'll defiantly be faster or save you some money. I suggest the 5850 which would be much better however availability of the 5850 is scarce so if you can wait for the shipping I suggest getting it off my link.

    And with the $50 to spare in my build guide, use that to get the i5 2400, it maybe and extra 10, but I strongly suggest getting it.
  3. 550Ti is for the uninformed shoppers who 'think' it will give performance close to that of the 560Ti.

    (It does not...)
  4. Definitely go for the 460 if you can afford it. Both do DX11, I've got a 450, and they are decent cards, which I'm sure a 550 would be, but the 460 is closer to an ATI 5830 for performance I think. I think you would be happier.
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