GTX 570 Display flashes off, then back on, wont stop, help?

Hey guys, Im dealing with a very odd problem with my new gtx 570. The monitor will (several times a day) flash off for about 3 seconds and then reappear, leading me to believe the display feed from the graphics card is going off. I have no idea whats causing this, it is receiving as much power as it should be, I never saw it happen in a game before, and its not overclocked or overvolted. It only does it on the desktop and updating and rolling back drivers hasnt helped. Its starting to drive me insane and I was wondering if anyone else here had information on what was going on before I gave up and called MSI about it. Anyone with any ideas please chime in, help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. Anyone? I have no idea whats up with this card.
  2. Try this. Uninstall the drivers and run driversweeper. Then take out your card and clean the contact. Re-seat the card and install drivers.
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