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I have a Full atx mobo, with a gtx 560, 2x 4 gb of ram, a hyper 212 +, 1 tb seagate hdd, and a blu ray burner. I Would like a full tower case that cost $160 or less and has lots of upgrading capabilities. Any suggestions of a case would be helpful. Thanks !

I was considering these but if there is a better choice then let me know.
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  1. you're not going to go wrong with any of those. lots of people rate the coolermaster but tbh they all seem to have good number of fans and airflow, just get which you like the look of best, its you that has to look at it everyday :)
  2. Best answer is possibly another option you could look at, depends if the top panel is what your after or not, although it can be persuaded to move :P
    Mines a bit modded, like the popes a bit catholic hehe

  3. All four are good choices. I recommend the HAF 932, which is very similar to the flagship, the HAF X. However, all the cases are solid, and would house a very large system with many drives. When selecting a case, the biggest factor always has to be what looks the best to you - you're the one who will see it regularly! :P
  4. get the cm 932 i wish i got that instead of storm sniper. that case looks great esp. if you get it watercooled.
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  6. Thanks to all who posted.
  7. Glad to help man, post a thread when you get the case if you want any help modding :)
    Thanks for B.a.
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