Can you run 1333 and 1066 ram chips together

my toshiba laptop has 2gb of memory now and can go up to 8gb .the chip in there is a pc3 8500 ddr3 1066 mhz i ordered another 2gb chip to move up to 4 gb of ram but the chip i ordered is a ddr3 1333 i did not look at my chip before i ordered and now are these 2 chips ok to put together? or should i call and change the chip to match the one in my computor.
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  1. Youll be fine the clock speed of the stick downgrade to match with other stick :)

    dont need to worry
  2. If your laptop bios supports underclocking memory. Sometimes different speed ram may not work together. So its always better to use same speed ram. I hope it will work in your case as THE UNKNOWN said.
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