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I need to get a wifi adapter for my desktop pc. currently i have an older pc that still runs on windows xp, but i will be upgrading it to windows 7 soon. also i will be getting a new pc come the end of the year. I want to get a wifi adapter i can use now, but will be very fast for my new computer. I intend to be doing some online gaming with it so i want to be as lag proof as possible. The motherboard i have now is ASUS P5BW-LA and i plan on getting a z68 board (probably msi z68-gd65;depends on how prices and reviews go on the new pci 3.0 boards) by the end of the year. Any suggestions on maybe a top of the line adapter and possibly a best bang for the buck adapter. Only because I may be able to hardwire eventually, but as of now it is impossible.
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  1. you didnt say internal or usb--i use usb as my walls are thick victorian brickwork and its really hard to get a signal through them plus the tower unit isnt blocking the signal like pci ones can do--you can also add a larger aerial if required

    work on xp and windows 7 including 64bit and linux

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