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Adding ram to my toshiba

my toshiba laptop has 2 gb of ram i wanted to upgrade and i ordered another 2gb chip to make my ram 4 gb total . the chip i ordered is a ddr3 pc3 10600 ddr3 1333 which was from then i looked at the chip in my computor and it is a pc3 8500 ddr3 1066 mxz can i mix these 2 chips or should i change my order tomorrow to match .if i add the chip they offered is it compatible or will there be a problem
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  1. Dont worry clock speed of stick downgrade to match with another sticks :)
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    Give it a try. If it doesn't work, then Crucial will let you send it back and will even replace it with a module that will work if you communicate with them, so no harm done if it doesn't work.
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