Phenom II x4 970 or x6 1090t ?

Hey there,

I'm building a new computer for gaming. I just don't know which cpu to get. Phenom x4 970 or x6 1090t? I still don't know if i'll oc in the future.

I just don't know wich processor to get. Could you help me please?

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  1. For a budget gaming build, a quad-core Phenom is the way to go. The 970, however, is not the one to get. If you aren't comfortable overclocking, you should get something clocked higher, like the 980. If you do want to overclock, get the 955, which is the cheapest Phenom II with an unlocked multiplier.
  2. im not a big fan of the 3 core, or 6 core. i like my stuff in multiples of two. The pricing on those are very similar, as well as performance.,3007-5.html

    the chart her has them basically as the same thing.

    if it were me, i guess i would go with the 970, and OC some. if i felt i needed it. i currently have a 965, running stock at 3.4, i think the 970 runs 3.5 stock.
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    Since your building a new gaming copmputer and willing to spend the $180 bucks for a 1090T why not add in another $20 and get the I5-2500k in an Intel build?
  4. i5 2500k, If you live near Micro Center u can get it for $179, It smokes anything from AMD.
  5. ^Agree with getting the i5 2500k for sure. You don't need the x6, games cannot make use of the extra cores. The i5 will handily trounce any AMD offering. I have been an AMD user for 10 years, or more. I just got a i7 2600k....upgraded from a AMD 965 X4 build. No comparison what-so-ever, the Intel build simply leaves my AMD build in the dust.
  6. I agree with the above poster that said to go with the X4 955. It is easy to overclock, you don't need the extra 2 cores for gaming, and is stable.

    Definitely more than enough.
  7. either the phenom 955 if on a tight budget, or, spending any more money than that you should get a core i5 2300, 2400, 2500. Much better than AMD for gaming. Also avoid 6 core AMD cpu's you wont see any benefit in 99% of games.
  8. Gaming get X4 955 / 965 / 970 important black edition CPU
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