my motherboard is now P5B.
I want a board that can take more memory of the ddr2-kind, now I use 8GB, but I need more,
at least 16GB.
/ James
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  1. There are no such mobo which can support 16gb ddr2. You need ddr3 mobo which can support more than 16gb, like 32gb/64gb. But you need a new cpu as well. Cause new board dont support 775 cpu.

    Only server board can support more than 8gb ddr2 ram.
  2. My Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR can support 16 GB DDR2, it just requires 4 4 GB sticks to do so. There are 4GB memory sticks out there, but are about $80 and up on Newegg.

    The hardware is out there, but it might be better in the long run to upgrade to a new processor and memory type.

  3. Ops i forgot about P45 board. My bad. Yeah they supports upto 16gb of ram. But a they are hard to find now a days.
  4. Hi James,
    Could you please post some more info on the rest of your hardware so we can have a better picture, also what are the main uses of your pc. There may be better options out there for you than what you may have in mind.
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