It is worth to upgrade my mother board and the cpu cooler

I'm a new member here and i really need yours help
first I have really limited budget at this time
so I have limited chooses

my pc spec
Q9400 @ 2.66Ghz
Intel dg41rq
4GB ram
zotac Gtx 470 1.25GB
two screen ( main screen 20" 1600X900 playing at this resolution ) .. ( 32" 1920X1080 depend on the game and playing at this resolution )
I would like to know if I will get good boost in performance if I
overclock the cpu to 3.6 or higher .. at both resolution i mentioned above
if yes .. it is worth it the new mother board and the cpu cooler ??
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  1. yes you'll get a nice performace boost by overclocking.

    Is it worth it buying a new cooler, probably since the hyper212+ is ~ $25
    Is it worth it to buy a new motherboard too? maybe not.
    I see that you can not OC on your current motherbd... tuff call. How tight is your budget?
  2. thanks popatim ... ok whats about getting a i5 2500k + Z68 ( I can wait ) how much improvement I will get at 1080P and it is worth the money and the wait ??
  3. still waiting ....
  4. You will be pleased or I will take it off your hands at no additional charge.
    <evil grin>
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