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Q6600 ep45ud3r+ddr2 or new ddr3

good day, need your advice on this.

i have a spare q6600 and a 2x2gb corsair ddr2 800 and i need a motherboard to overclock it.

which is my best option,

an already used ep45 udr3r - 100$

or Asus P5G41T M LX3 / Gigabyte G41M Combo - 50$ (then i buy a ddr3 ram)?

these prices are from around my place.

need your opinion guys.
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  1. Many g31 boards will also overclock; newegg has had some for under $40, but I don't know if they still carry them. Computer geeks or ebay should also carry them. They are about the same price as the g41. DDR3 prices are rising again; otherwise, I'd recommend the g41.
  2. how much overclock do you think i can achieve using a g41 mobo and hyper 212 evo?
  3. theres this asus p5kpl-am priced at 25$. is this board good enough to overclock a q6600 to at least 3ghz using a hyper 212 evo? i really dont wanna spend more for ddr3 mobo and ddr3 ram since i already have ddr2 so i was hoping if asus p5kl-am would suffice or maybe the more expensive ep45 ud3r?
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    The EP 45 UD3R is a very good board an an excellent overclocker. I ran an E8400 at 4Ghz for several years on one with 4GB od Corsair DDR2 800. P45 was in my opinion the very best LGA 775 chipset.

    That being said a Q6600 will top out at 3.4-3.6Ghz with good cooling ( a Hyper 212 is sufficient ). The Asus board with the G41 will almost certainly get you to 3Ghz if not higher. Since it's obsolete tech I would spend as little as you can so the $25 option seems best.

    The Core2 chips work best at a 1:1 FSB to RAM ratio so DDR3 is not necessary.
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