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So I built a new computer the other day and when I went to install the motherboard, I didn't think about installing the standoffs first. Apparently the motherboard I'm using has two standoffs built in, so I just screwed on the screws in the other holes. After I realized that I had forgotten the standoffs, I tried to remove the motherboard but the built-in standoffs had lodged themselves into the holes in the computer case.

I was able to lift up the motherboard slightly and get almost all of the motherboard standoffs installed (except for one or two of the nine or so holes). The motherboard seems pretty tight in there on the case and everything came up and is running fine on the computer. Is there anything else I should worry about with the motherboard being damaged or should I just stop worrying about it and enjoy my new build?

I know this is probably a dumb question and there's probably not a problem (and nothing I could or would do about it anyway until something were to happen), but I thought I'd ask the question anyway.

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  1. imo there's no need to worry if your sure everything went good
  2. standoff's are the grounding for the mobo. if you have 7 of the 9 in and you are worried about the damaging the board, I would push my luck and not worry about it; but if you think you can do it without damage it's best to put the standoff's in.
  3. Thanks everyone. I don't think I can get the last 1 or 2 standoffs in, because I can't lift the motherboard any more without possibly breaking it. It's probably fine, so maybe I'll just not worry about anything unless something comes up.

    I'm going from a core2 duo to the new Ivy Bridge i5 3570 and it's like night and day - I love it!
  4. Yup it is :)
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