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hi, i hate asking questions like this because it makes me feel uninformed, but i hop eto build a new computer soon, i have all the parts figured out.. mostly. i know abotu the lga 1155 intel boards, and the chipsets, h61, p67, z68,z77, etc etc, but i havent heard of b75 un til recently when i found a great deal on a full atx asrock motherboard, nice coloring, lots of features i want, but i dont know anything about this chipset, is it new? does ti support ivy bridge as well? is it better optimized for something specific? does it allow overclocking? its the only one i have seen, heres the link, no reviews eithetr but i like the asrock brand.
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  1. nevermind, i have found the info myself, but in case anyone else ever needs this info, b75 is mainly optimized for businesses, but still fine for regular and gaming builds, supports 1600 ram, without overlcoking etc, the board i foudn also supports crossfire ans sli, but the pci-e 2.0 slot is only x4 when sli/cfx.
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