6950 1GB values normal or high ?temp fan etc...

i bought saphire 6950 1gb.i wonder values high or normal for this card b4 send it to service.is this driver problem ? or anything other.


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system compenents
amd x4 B50 @3.1GHZ
Gigabyte 785gm us2h
4gb ddr2 ram
sapphire 6950 1gb
seasonic 520w s12 bronze
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  1. If you are asking about the temps 84°C for 100% load is fine.
  2. this card sucks 8min furmark test results i ended it ill send it to service omg im retard bought this card

  3. It could be as simple as the airflow in your Case that sucks! Then again you are not going to be running Furmark all the time and the max temp for GPU´s is usually 100°C+ anyway!
  4. is this case good enough for air flow and cooling?if yes ill order now

  5. Yes. Then you could always add the optional fans later if more is needed, it should do fine as it comes.
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