Phenom 2 X4 955 - Blue screen at 60 degrees C

My PC keeps blue screening when it hits 60 degrees C!!!!!

It never used to do this and would quite happily run at 70 - 75 on the stock cooler. I have since then upgraded to water cooling and overclocked it using the supplied CPU level up utility and everything runs fine, unless I stress test it, which will run quite happily for hours with the side off the case and a desktop fan pointed at it (temp stabalizes at around 57 -58) but as soon as the side goes on the case, the temp creeps up to 60 and Wham!!! Blue screen.

I can go out and get a water cooled solution but I don't understand why it cant go past 60!!!

No thermal cutoff in the bios and voltages seem to be OK across the board.

Any ideas guys?

I should also mention that I built an identical Rig for my buddy and his runs sweet as a nut.
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  1. Use HWMonitor or Asus PC Probe to check temperatures instead. BIOS temps aren't measured when the CPU has been under load for too long.

    Also, blue screen doesn't automatically mean overheating - it can very easily be an instability issue as well. Remove the overclock and bench the CPU again, using something like Prime95 or 3DMark for longer periods to reach 60'C again. If it fails at a certain temperature again then the temperature reading may be wrong. If it doesn't fail, I'm willing to bet you haven't set the CPU VCore high enough to supply the higher FSB speed or clock multiplier with enough energy to keep running successfully, resulting in a system crash when said power is required.

    Also, are nuts sweet?
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