Should I change my ATI 4850?

current spec:

i5 2400
Intel HD67BL
ATI 4850 (Second-hand from my friend)
20" Monitor (Going to upgrade soon)

I'm thinking to replace my 4850 with 5850. Any idea? Worth or wait for better GPU?
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  1. It really depends on how well it's working for what you do with it. If the performance is acceptable it's always better to wait for newer and better and/or cheaper to become available. I'd replace your monitor first, then see how your performance is. Replace the 4850 if it isn't satisfactory. A place you can check benches
  2. Thanks for the advise!
  3. 4850 is a great card. Change it only if the performance isn't good on your monitor's native res.
  4. guys, gt any card to recommend that same performance with 4850?
  5. The same performance as the 4850 would be the 5750 or the GTS450 (@$115). It would make more sense to spend an additional $10 or $15 to get the GTX460 768mb or the 5770 (@$130) for a bit better performance. To get noticeably better performance then the 4850 would take a bit more money. Here's a hierarchy chart, check the whole article.,2879-7.html
  6. ^+1 geez I would at least run a gtx 460 with that i5
  7. Thanks for the info! Well, can a 20" monitor run with 1680x1050 resolution?
  8. usually yes, but some only go up to 1600X900, but overall if the monitor can run 1920X1080 for example, it can also run 1650X1080 as well... if that is what you were asking
  9. i see, yea my 20" only 1600x900. but i saw some ppl said 20" support 1680x1050 and some said only 21.5" or abov support.
  10. yeah well it depends on the make and model of screen but generally speaking for 20" you will either get 16X9 or 16X10 which is basically the same, a 21.5 or 22" or greater is generally 1920X1080, really I wouldn't worry about it because 1650X1080 vs 1600X900 is very little difference visually, just stick with the 16X9 until you are ready for an upgrade to 1920X1080 or greater, but keep in mind with a bigger res, you will require more gpu horsepower
  11. i went from a 4850 to a 460 768mb... the difference was pretty good, especially if you overclock. I have my 460 from 675 to 920mhz! , I am very close to gtx 470 benchmarks on metro 2033 at 1680by1050 (on my 20" monitor), and on 3dmark 11 I am also close to the 470 and 6870.

    If you have the money though the card i recommend you to buy is the 6850, which I hear can be over clocked to 6870 levels. If you are short on cash, the 460 768mb is very good, and noticeably better than the 5770, 4850, 5750, gts 450 despite what the toms hardware charts say.
  12. ^+1 agreed, yeah I think the gtx 460 or HD 6850 would be a nice little upgrade for your res
  13. appreciated the inputs from u guys! thanks!
  14. lastly, which mobo u guys prefer?

    -Intel DH67BL-B3
    -Msi H67MA-E35-B3
  15. personally I'd go with the MSI I think they make really solid boards in my expiriences, I couldnt find the Intel one on newegg, but if the price is the same go with the MSI, imo
  16. i see, another doubt abt silverstone 500w, it have only 6-pin PCI-E connector x 1, but 5850 required 6-pin x 2. can it fit or i should take a 600W?
  17. silvertone is a good name as far as Im concerned you can use the 1 6 pin and a molex adapter for the other six pin or just get a psu such as this one:
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