BSOD with 6970 Crossfire

Hello, yesterday I was surfing around the web normally, viewing different videos etc on youtube when my computer froze and got Blue screen , with error atikmpag.sys FFFFF88003C073BC base at FFFFF88003C00000

I am running two 6970 cards in crossfire mode, and I also had a few tabs opened up when it happened, with around maybe 5-7 videos at same time. I have the latest downloaded driver from AMD's website and my PC is brand new just built it. I have had no problem when playing games with BSOD:ing
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  1. From what I have read, it would seem that you have a bad graphics card. If your graphics card is not bad it may be an outdated motherboard bios.

    [Edit]See this thread for possible solutions.
  2. My other pc, running a gigabyte motherboard, when too many videos are running at same time, and the pc goes out of memory for all does flash/videos (ie. youtube), my flash player crashes, with the bad flash icon (a guy with a cross-face). Not blue screening...

    Is my motherboard outdated? I got a ASUS p8p67 deluxe motherboard, rev 3.0 B (new) with bios version 1305

    How do i check if my GPU is bad ? and how do i know which one of em? It's weird that i got blue screen of running 5-7 youtube windows same time in google chrome...

    Quote from AMD:

    However, Before you post or read this FAQ hoping for help0 ask yorself the following questions:

    -Do I run a version of windows vista or Win 7?

    -Do I see a message pop up or appear in my error log that states "such and such display driver has stopped responding and was recovered"?

    -Do these crashes seem to appear with no dirrect cause (i.e. i do something differently every time they happen)
    Only happened once, so no

    If you answered Yes to ALL of these three questions continue on, if you answered No then you probalby have another issue that more than likely revolves around hardware. If you are unsue then by all means read on.

    So if it's hardware, and my motherboard is brand new with BIOS 1305, gotta be the graphics card? is it possible to do some test or something and see if they pass?
  3. To check if your GPU is bad, take out all but one stick of ram, and try both GPU's in both slots, one at a time.
  4. Try them how? play a game or run a benchmark? or open youtube videos?
  5. Do whatever you were doing when you last got a bluescreen.
  6. Gonna try it now , to open a lot of youtube videos , if it happens again...

    I hope it was just a one time incident.. if it happens again though i'll try single GPU , both cards
  7. Okay it happened again except this time i didn't get BSOD, but I got a message saying my graphic drivers have stopped responding/working. Then I got a weird popup in windows with JAPANESE letters (wtf?) and ofcourse the standard puzzle-box face guy with X.X eyes in flash player.
  8. "guys i finaly found my fix if you have an asus mobo try setting your dram frequency to match your ram speed and check your ram manufacter for the apropriate dram voltage and set the acording to recomendations

    please read your mobo manual to see how to do this"

    How you do this ?
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