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Update to gigabit LAN not working

Last response: in Networking
August 24, 2010 6:08:53 AM


so i bought 3 switches (A B C ) to upgrade my LAN, who looks like standard tree,
swicth = ASUS GX-D1081

/ 30 mbps
/ 100 mbps
/ 1gbps ----------------------------- \ 1gbps
switchB ---------------------- --------- switchC
/ 1gbps \ 1gbps \ 1gbps(?) -------- / 1gbps \ 100mbps
vista32 --- xp32A - ubuntu --------- xp32B --- ubuntu

everything was working without problems at 100mbps but it was a bit slow :) 
( didnt have switchA) and B and C were dlink 100mbps.

so out of the box my vista32 works at 1000mbs and communication between switch A B anc C also

but i try to have my xp32 machines to work at 1000mbps.
no luck, the first under switchB is in limb mode connecting and deconnecting
cable notification each half second.... it is set to autonegociation .... if i put if on autonegociation 100mbps it works immediatly...
mobo ZOTAC nvidia NVIDIA nForce 630i geforce 7100

the other one win32 under switchC connect at 100mbps after 2 or 3 try ....
mobo XFX nForce 610I GEFORCE 7050

so my first question, why ? switch suppose to work with XP, i reinstall last nvidia internet control driver on both xp machine ..., i also swap cat6 cables and switches without succes ....

so what is wrong ? is it going to work or should i return them !!!

is there some special setting to do for XP SP3 ?
do i need IP6 ? agian if i force XP machines to 100mbps everything works fine ...

i try ubuntus and they are fine at 100mbps

thanks( i guest im gonna sleep on that )
August 24, 2010 6:35:11 PM

Try hard setting the NIC to 1000/full duplex to see if that resolves it.

Make sure you also have the newest drivers for your NICs. If you see a "Flow Control" option within your NIC, adjust that setting from On to Off, or the other way around depending on what it is set to.
August 26, 2010 11:23:38 AM

geezz the specifications of XFX nForce 610I GEFORCE 7050 said -Onboard 10/100/1000Mbps compatible LAN (Optional) so i tought, it is the LAN port who is optional, i got one so it should be 1000mbps .... but no ! it is nt true, it is 1000mbps optional has it seem !