How do you get Comcast to return a call and/or fix a cable problem?

How do you get Comcast to return a call? When Comcast tells you they will fix a problem and will return a call how many weeks do you have to wait, it's been since Oct. 18, 2010. And how if U-Verse with AT&T?
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  1. I'd be calling daily and talking to a supervisor. By now I'd be complaining to the local governing body as they allow comcast into their city.(cable commission)
    WOW has been getting stellar reviews as of late, so check their pricing as well.
    Did you know that if the solid copper thingy touches the silvery braided thingy it makes the signal go to nothing for the neighborhood. Make sure that isn't happening!
  2. Most suppliers of that kind (cellphone, cable etc) have a department specifically tasked to offer you the world if you attempt to leave. Get price quotes from rivals and tell Comcast that you are also unsatisfied with the service. You may find that suddenly things can get fixed.
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