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Hi, I'm looking to buy a prebuilt PC, so far I've looked at many websites where they offer to build custom PC's, and I'm worried that if I pay that I will get jipped and there are many scammers out there, so I found a website called

this question is to anyone?

has anyone ordered from these guys, or are they a ripoff? I mean they are selling a coolmaster core 2 quad PC for $709, and it has good specs, I would usually think these computers go above a $1000, or is it legit?

I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I do play games, I mostly want to use the computer for need for speed games and microsoft flight simulator X, I haven't been a able to play FSX because my computer is not matched up to their requirements, I also edit videos and render too, I attend college and would mostly use office 2010 for my college papers, I also use after effects and photoshop, would anyone agree to the website or suggest others that are actually legit because I searched and this company has no complaints, please I would like any advice, I appreciate all advice taken, thank you
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  1. I wouldn't buy from them.

    First, there is no such thing as a new build Q8300 with good specs.

    Second, all the featured PC's look like they have junk CoolerMaster power supplies in them.

    Third, any components not advertising brand names are going to be low end components. That's the only way they are going to make any money.
  2. You can call or write the 'Atlanta BBB' and ask them for a reference on this company.

    If you are satisfied and want to go ahead with the purchase, make sure that you use a credit card issued by a bank and has zero risk to you. (No Cashier's checks no certified checks, no money orders).
  3. I would suggest finding a local shop. Small, local shops are likely to care about the customer and will probably try their best to make you happy. You might also find they can do a good deal for you also.

    As far as the Core 2 Quad, older technology. They're probably trying to get rid of old stock. You'd be better off to get something newer. Wait until about the middle of June, as AMD's bulldozer chips are due to come out, even if you get a chip that is in the market now, you may get a better deal on those.
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