Can my Dell XPS L702X run 8GB RAM memory of 1.35 V configuration?

I want to upgrade my Dell XPS L702X 4GB of RAM memory. I want to know whether this machine will be compatible with dual 1.35 V 4 GB RAM sticks or whether I have to purchase the 1.5 V version?

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  1. Hello,

    I am from Dell Social Media and Community. I will be happy to answer your quire.

    XPS L702X can support from 3 GB to 16 GB.

    The Dell XPS L702X has 2 DIMM sockets and 4 DIMM sockets.

    It depends on what type of motherboard and video card, you have.
    If you could reply with motherboard and video card you have, I will be happy to assist you further.

    You may also click the following link to check your options:

  2. Thank you. I have found by opening the memory compartment and speaking to DELL that it will take only two 4GB DIMM sticks maximum. So, it cannot accept 16 GB RAM.
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