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System Freeze / Black Screen

Last response: in Systems
May 31, 2011 2:42:08 AM


I upgraded my system a month ago, I have had a few long gaming sessions as of late (and in the past) where the computer froze.

In the past freezes the sound distortion I mention below just continued - it never came clear or looped it just was like a constant bad buzzing white noise. I was playing Battle Field bad company 2 when this occured.

Just today while I was running a different game, and instances of firefox with i heart radio. The screen went black and said "searching for signal". However, sound continued to play through speakers. The sound did spike and sound weird / distorted as the system stuttered in the process of the screen going black. After the weird sound distortion the sound came back with a black screen saying no input. I had to hard shut down (power button).

I received the "start windows normally?" question upon startup. When the sound went weird and the sys froze on Battle Field Bad Co 2 it was a horrible sound and I instantly hard shut down without waiting to notice the screen.

The only components I replaced in my computer were the motherboard, ram, and CPU.

I am using:
Evga 880gts 320
wd 500gb HDD
kingston hyperx blue 2x 2gb ddr3 --> *new
lga 1155 Asus p8p67-LE motherboard --> *new
lga 1155 core i5 2400 --> *new
ocz mod-xtreme
on board sound - realtek HD

The system never did this when it was running 2gb ram amd 3700+ san diego and a asus a8n sli prem.

I think I may have a bad motherboard or my video card is dying. Not sure why the vid card would be dying - but when I play games I do notice that textures sometimes flicker. I did a clean reinstall a few weeks ago after one of the bad company 2 lock ups like the 2nd or 3rd one - it was really freaking me out.

I know this is a LONG post but I really really appreciate your advice --


May 31, 2011 3:55:57 AM

Is there a special section for PC trouble shooting?
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