I7 2600K CAD Workstation

I've read some great advice here on CAD workstation builds. I would like to ask a few more questions from the gurus.

For a quick history, I built my current WS back in 2005. It features a P4 3.4 on an ASUS PD5 board, Raid O for OS (XP) and Raid 1 for data, all in a Li Lian case. Cannot remeber the case model, but it resembles a Mac G4, perforated front and rear panels. Also, it houses the PSU in the bottom, build deal back then.

Anyway, I just experienced a Raid 0 failure; a lot a fun. I'm very thankful for the data being on the Raid 1. My thoughts are to reuse the case and as many pieces as possible. I just recently upgraded to a Nvidia 1GB Quadro and would like to use it. I'd like to reuse both CD/DVD drives as well as the sound card, Hauppague TV card and eSata card (If necessary) into the new build.
Basically, I'll be replacing the MB, CPU, RAM and PSU.

I have decided on:

i7 2600K

ASUS P8P67 DELUXE MB, unless this is overkill.

SSD for OS

2nd HHD or maybe another Raid 1 (I'm thinking I should not use the old drives...Seagates and rock solid, but 3Gb/s)

as much RAM as "affordably reasonable" (at least 8GB).

ZALMAN CNPS9500 cooler, if it fits

PSU??? I really loved my PC Power & Cooling Turbo unit.

New case fans

Also, should it have any bearing; I will be building a NAS consisting of the Synology DiskStation. Yes, I am over paranoid about data backup.

Finally, yes, Win7 Pro. I love my XP Pro, but my laptop in Win7 Pro, so might as well. Anyone have good sources for Win7 tweaks and such?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I look forward to your feedback
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  1. ^ From where will you be buying the parts ??
  2. More than likely, Newegg
  3. I have made some changes

    i5 2500k

    Crucial C300 128GB Sata III SSD for OS

    (2) Seagate ST1500DL003 Green 5900 rpm 1.5TB 6Gb/s sata in Raid 1

    G Skill memory

    I am still undecided regarding the will either be an ASUS or Gigabyte. I'm not sure that I need the new P68 chipset as I really do not understand the Intel disk caching, etc, etc,. I also do not plan to overclock anything either.


    CPU cooler????

    I'm really just trying to build a fast and stable system. And, I need to do it in short order.

    Thanks for any advice.

  4. any sli or crossfire?
  5. No.

    I will be reusing a Nvidia 1GB GeForce card....should it work
  6. which one are you going to get?
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    CPU + Mobo -
    IMO if it is going to be a CAD workstation, then the 2600K is worth it,...
    i7 + Gigabyte Z68
    - SSD caching is where the OS stores the most frequently accessed data onto the SSD for faster access.

    RAM -
    GSKillz 8GB DDR3

    SSD - Why not go with 2x 64GB in RAID 0? Nearly the same price

    HDD - IMO this would be a better option -
    Samsung F4 2TB

    PSU - This is a good one and is modular -
    XFX 650W

    CASE Fans - These are good value for money,...
  8. gkay,

    Thanks for the info! I like the way your thinking....

    That CPU/Mobo combo looks very tempting.

    I'll probably throw 16GB of DDR3 into it.....or keep the 8GB and wait until prices drop on larger modules.

    I've been reading some on the SSD caching and Intel SRT; I get it and I don't. But, if I follow what you are suggesting; is that I forgo the RAID1 on the Segates in favor of a single HDD and M4's in RAID0. (I do like the specs on the M4) So, in actuality my OS and progs are on the HDD but cache thru the SSDs?

    My system that just crashed last week had (2) 80GB HDD in RAID0. I cannot say the performance was much better, but I can tell you the devastation when it went down. I loved that my data was on A RAID1!!!!

    I guess a single HDD would be fine; especially since I'll be building a NAS to back-up all my systems.

    I really, really appreciate your input!

    Thanks again!

    ps, Cooler Master Hyper 212?
  9. ^ HDDs - No, I am not saying you to forgo RAID 1 as I can see that you want to protect your data,... The reason why I suggested that F4 is because for $30 more, you get 500GB more, also the F4s are very fast and have got a lot of good reviews around the web, so IMO its worth it,...
    But if you are going to build a NAS, then get a faster 7200RPM HDD,...

    As for SSD caching, for larger and faster drives, it wont have any huge impact, better to install the OS directly onto the SSD itself,...

    CPU Cooler - The Hyper 212+ is a very good cooler no doubt, but get it from amazon
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