Time for an upgrade? Or rebuild

Ok well yesterday while at work, a customer came in to recycle his friends custom built pc. He took the ram but left the processor which was a amd phenom quad core.

I took the sucker and decided to put it in my custom built pc which i made back in 08.

Prior to switching it here were my specs:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Windsor 3.2GHz black edition
Motherboard: Asus M2A-Mvp crossfire ready
Video: Sapphire ATI HD 3850
Harddrive: 250gb SATA 7200rpm
Memory: 4X1gb Gskiller ddr2 Ram
PSU: 700w Rosewill
DVD Drive: forgot but its a dvd write combo
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

The new processor i got handed down is the am2 AMD Phenom Quad core 9600 2.29ghz.

But i came into complication when i was switching out the cpu, to eventually figure out that i needed to update my bio in order for it to work with the mobo. Finally got it to work but in the process 1 stick of 1gb ram became defective :(. But in that process, the nerd in me lighted a bulb and decided its maybe time to upgrade. But a couple of questions.

At the time the CPU i got was one of the top, but was the switch to the quad core the right choice?

Also, what else should i upgrade? Is it even worth upgrading? or should i start from scratch again?

I dont play PC games as much i use to b4 with school and work but maybe plan on doing soo in the near future when better games come out.

What do yall suggest?
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  1. I think you should upgrade when your current computer does not adequately fulfill your needs. It looks fine right now.
  2. Ok well i went away from my computer and came back to a blue screen and now when i turn on the computer theres no display. Any thoughts?
  3. Reset cmos, restart see if it boots. If no boot, pull all ram but 1 stick(Also, you could even try no ram and no video card to see if the board is ok.) If no boot, maybe try another stick. If still not booting, try reseating the video card. If you can get it to boot, run memtest 86 on the ram, maybe even 1 stick at a time to see if any are bad.

    As far as upgrades, if you are going to upgrade, I think I'd see if your board would take a faster quad such as a phenom 2 or athlon 2. The higher clock speeds should give better performance. I also would look at a better video card for games. The GTX 460 is right at 140 bucks and is a great upgrade for you. Even a GTS 450 is slightly cheaper and would give your gaming a boost.
  4. Due to the low clock speed it's hard to consider that 9600 much of an upgrade. For gaming you're better off just overclocking that ol 6400. If you want to game you will have to upgrade that 3850. It's past the time where adding a second one in crossfire makes sense. While I did have two 3850s in CF myself they would struggle at 1680x1050 with some more demanding games. 3850s are a little hard to find new now as well, but if you can get one for $50 or less it would be a cheap way to increase your performance.

    If you have the money I would start from scratch. For a stop gap though you can get a good CPU cooler, overclock your CPU, get a bigger faster hard drive, and get a single 5770. I wouldn't get anything more powerful than that unless you're using a 1080p or above monitor. For a completely new system you could wait for Bulldozer (which looks delayed till at least September), or just get an LGA 1155 system now.
  5. I just bought a 24.5" asus 1080p LCD monitor with HDMI. Its amazing im in love with it, makes me wanna get a 2nd, but i shouldnt be greedy.

    I finally reapplied thermal grease and now the Blue screen pops up once ina while? When it does it shows "secondary processor blah blah" blue screen. Could it be a bad processor or an overheating problem? Currenty on speeds fan Core:45C

    Also im planning to upgrade video card to compliment my new monitors but since im not a hardcore gamer, yet but might start playing in the future im looking at a HD 6770. Wanting to stay with ati since im keeping the motherboard, for now.

    Also idk if its my crappy at&t service or my pc but it kidna seems slugish due to it dropping down to 3gig..

    I plan on getting all these upgrades soon + a external harddrive but slowly. In what order would yall upgrade?
  6. also i just looked it up and megaman is right. My dual core 6400+ is better then the phenom i have now :(

    Will be putting back the x2 when i get a video card or memory or just a new fan cpu fan
  7. Look around on ebay man. There, are new athlon ii x4 chips going for 65-90 bucks. Currently in the process of selling my old single core laptop so I can buy one for my old AM2 board.
  8. I prob will get a new mobo/cpu... might as well start from scratch...

    but for now, im having problems with my Phenom 9600... i keep getting a BSOD that says something about "internal secondary processor" error. I looked it up and its a common problem for AMD Phenoms. Currently my bios has the latest update 0511, but i hear theres also a 0509 update, but i cant seem to find it anywhere online, all the links are down.

    Is there another fix to this??
  9. Not 100%, I think on the first gen phenoms, there was a TLB erratum fix you could enable in your bios, you lost performance, but I guess there was something that would make them go bonkers.
  10. how would i go on about that?
  11. j ended up switching back to the x2.... my god does it lag when im running mutiple apps...
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