4670 vs 5570

which one is better for general purpose and light gaming?

4670 1gb ddr3

5570 1gb ddr3

both have the same price but how?
(dx11 is not important)

thanks for any kind reply
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  1. in between the two cards, i think HIS 4670 is better build and cooler design and i think i can OC it well,
    and the Sapphire one is LP, so it's not so intended for OC.
    isn't corretct?

    and with just interest, i want to know which one is more powerful card for gaming?
    i mean 4670 and 5570 in general. (not brand dependent)

    thanks again
  2. yes ATI 4670 1GB is more powerful in gaming... and you don't really want to OC any of these low end cards... you might mess it up!
  3. Are you aware you can get a 5670 for the same price ?

    Mactronix :)
  4. yes, i found Sapphire ATI 5670 512 mb ddr5 at 75usd.
    so it's 10 usd more and i'll get just 512 mb

    so what is the effect of 512mb ddr5 vs 1gb ddr3?
    and how much percentage 5670 faster than 4670?
  5. 5670 has better performance overall, but 55% less AF than ati 4670!!
  6. what does 55% less AF mean?
  7. Performance-wise, the Radeon HD 4670 1GB should in theory be a lot better than the Radeon HD 5570 in general.

    Anisotropic filtering (AF), which makes images look crisper ­ Each company has Each company has also developed specific techniques to help the GPU apply colors, shading, textures and patterns.
  8. The HD 5670 does not benefit from 1GB of VRAM. At best you may get 1 or 2 more FPS vs. the 512MB version. Therefore it is not worth the extra cost.
  9. On lower end cards 1gb is only useful for dual monitors
  10. king smp said:
    On lower end cards 1gb is only useful for dual monitors

    not even then is it useful.
  11. ^+1 your right iam2thecrowe
    I did some research and it doesnt make a difference for dual monitors
    I always thought it did for some reason
  12. so 5670 is better choice over 1GB 4670 in gaming?
    so what's other alternative at 75usd price point?
  13. Best answer
    At 75 USD the HD5670 512mb GDDR5 is the best according to most
    reviewers including Toms Video Card Guide

    The GDDR5 will have a greater memory bandwith which
    is a major advantage.
    the HD5670 or HD4670 as iamthecrowe2 correctly states will not
    take advantage of the extra 512mb
    so the GDDR5 is a much better for performance
    the HD5670 would be noticeably better than HD4670
    On average as a guesstimate I would say about 10 FPS better
    in games (as an average)
    That is based on reviews read and not actual experience
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  15. Thank you for selecting me as Best Answer

    Personally I am buying a HD5670 myself.
    For the money it cant be beat right now.
    Also has low power draw and doesnt need external power cable
    is a big plus
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