Need advice on what to buy.

Hi there, so I want to buy a new computer tower used primarily for gaming. I already have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. I want to spend about 300 dollars. I'm not an expert and I don't want to have to assemble anything. What should I buy?
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  1. A dell or a hp if you dont want to assmeble it
  2. You're going to have a hard time finding anything for 300. Set your sites more realistically, like at $550
  3. Theres a pre-build subsection over in homebuild, maybe there would be a better place to ask,
    but your restrictions of NEW and $300 dont indicate a high level gaming pc to me, as abekl says, maybe wait till you can up your budget if you insist on a pre-built unit
  4. You could maybe get a mid range gaming pc for 300 if you built it. Otherwise, fork over more money.
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