Windows 2003 NLB load balancing is not happening


I have a question, I have created cluster of servers, I configured the cluster using the NLB for the port 99
(used link to configure :
The status within the NLB for both the servers showed converged.But the problem is when ever i apply the load using Jmeter tool to the configured virtual ip: port the load is not getting balanced among the two servers

All the load is redirected to the default server whose priority is one

So can any one help me out to get rid of this

Many Thanks in advance

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  1. From your very own directions cited:

    Node 1 is the master which means that it typically receives requests and acts as the routing manager although when load is high other machines will take over.

    It really isn't load balancing. It is more like fail-over. Once the first server reaches a certain level, the other server takes all new requestes.

    Depending on what you're doing, you might get stuck creating different routes and manually configuring it to load balance.
  2. Thanks Riser for your reply,

    Since i am new to this concept i am not much aware of that.

    The thing is I need to set up a web farm environment for the particular web site with windows 2003 server. so i configured the things according to the following Url


    As You mentioned it has fail-over .I dint get much about that . So can you please help me out regarding how can i acheive load balancing in windows server 2003+NLB + web farm environment

    So that load is shared among both .
  3. Read up on these links and see if you need to make any changes:


    You're certain you have the cluster setup and functioning properly? From there you would configure NLB.

    In your testing, it may be that all traffic from your test point is being directed to a single server (load balanced) and the testing isn't doing a good job of creating multiple connections to test the NLB.
  4. Riser,

    On going through the above article yes i was able to configure the cluster to work in the Fail over situation Thanks for that.

    The another scenario is whether can we configure the two server present in the cluster to handle the load parallely using windows 2003 server+iis6+nlb

    If so please let me know

    Thanks ,
  5. I don't have experience in that. I've always used dedicated hardware to do this. I don't know that you'll be able to do like a 50/50 split with it. You may want to look at network load balancing hardware instead.
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