Second computer from parts

So I am pretty sure that with the spare parts I have I could put together a second computer with decent speed (raptor HDD, good graphics). I have 2 questions:

1. What would I use a second computer for? My first thought would be to transfer my movies and maybe music to it and use it as a media computer.

2. Does anyone here have a second computer that they have a specific use for?
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  1. Home server/nas box,
    Overclocking toy,
    Modding/Watercooling rig
    'Private' browsing.....
    Seti/folding@home etc
    Sell for funds towards the next build
    Spare hamster cage? (I'm running low on idea's now) :P
    I tend to sell my/our old ones on to fund my Modding/fan habit,
    although watercooling seems to be my next hit :P
    **Edit** Dual boxing on mmorpg's :P
  2. Extreme couponing! ;-). Apparently those people on that show have multiple cheap computers for that reason. Other than that, can't think of anything really. Experimental machine (practice overclocking, etc.), download dedicated machine if you have router issues, for somebody else in the house (we have 2 desktops and 4 laptops with 5 family members).
  3. Thanks for the tips.

    Anyone have any more?
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