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im just wondering i just got brand new atx psu i plugged the psu alone turned it on only power to the motherboard the psu fan didn't turn on i email the makers of the psu i tried the paper clip test everything worked they tell me all of my components need to b plugged for the full power to b on i did that still nothing i don't have a video card maybe that's the reason but im getting 1 this month is there something im doing wrong or should i wait n see if the video card is the solution
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  1. What power supply is it? There are some that dont start the fan up until a certain load level is reached.
  2. Sections three and four of the sticky at the top of this forum,
    just triplecheck all connections and ignore the bad advice given from tech support,
    all you need from the psu is the 20+4pin and 4/8pin cpu line (and the power to gfx card if no onboard gfx)
    and your front panel powerswitch plugged in (If no onboard powerbutton), post back any progress
    I think your psu fan is duff though
  3. atx 700watt raidmax psu its working now thanks
  4. Cool, any indication of what the actual issue was? or just magically decided to start working? might be a loose connection if the latter, be careful and keep an eye on things mate :)
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