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Are these temps ok? I just built this system

Hey guys,

I just built this system yesterday and am not too sure if these temperatures are ok or not for both the gpu and cpu? I have an i7 2600k with the stock fan and a BFG GTX 275 OC. Its all in a Cooler Master Storm Enforcer case with the stock fans on that too. I opened up this app, then started playing Crysis 2 for about half an hour so it would record max temps as well. So are my max and min temps ok?

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    Those are fine,
    although I'd never say 'dont try to increase the airflow and get them lower' :P
  2. Thanks! Haha if only I had the room to move my CPU to a better ventilated area :p at what temperature should I start getting worried? The CPU has touched 70 degrees at just about half an hour of gameplay! If I play for a couple of hours at a stretch, it might get bad! Also 88degrees on my GPU! How high can I allow that to go?

    Also, I'm playing Crysis 2 on 1920x1200 on ultra... Is that generally a good enough strain to check max temperatures with?
  3. Each chip has its own limit, you can google yours but at 70' after half an hour,
    I'd be seriously modding the case to get more air moving :)
    88' on a gpu isn't anything to be worried about tbh though
    anything that puts your cpu in the high 80's/90's is good to test temps imo,
    and I usually use furmark to stress gfx
    check your card manufacturer for limits on that though, I can't say xx' because one vendors cooling is better than anothers and not all chips are equal anyhow
  4. Oh great alright I'll keep an eye on them... And yeah my case currently only has a front fan and a back fan... There is a giant space on the top of the case for a big ass fan or two smaller ones... I'll put one in there. That should hopefully help pull some hot air out of my case... Thanks!
  5. No probs man, happy gaming and Gratx on the build :)
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  7. Thank you for B.a.
  8. buy an aftermarket cpu cooler if you like..., I had similar Cpu temps as you on my 2500k, and with a scythe mugen 2 it is now under 50degrees at full load! so it's a vast improvement. And this is in an antec300 stock case
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