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Mobo sound driver or its chassis problem


I have cooler master 692 advance cabinet and D946GZIS Intel original MOBO , my operating system is WIN7

I am trying to use my cabinet's front panel audio jack for my headphone
I have connected its wire firmly on MOBO's ac 97 audio socket
and I searched on net and installed sigmatel hd audio driver(also tried ac 97 driver)
so sound started to come but with wobbly voice , can't understand the sound of any movie or stuff

Currently looking for more solution so if someone know how to get rid of that then please tell
if its audio jack problem then cabinet is ready to replace but if its driver problem then it will save my time and irritation of replacement time

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    okay well with your front panel connections you should have both the hd audio connect and the ac 97. use the hd audio and connect that to the appropriate header, hd audio gives you the front panel detect when you plug in your headphones
  2. My MOBO hd audio port is different and chassis's connector are of same pin for hd and AC 97
    and on AC 97 port I can plug both of them , I plugged both of them and got same result
    this time I am using ac 97 plug on ac 97 port
    currently trying realtek sound driver and couldn't get success to start sound with that driver

    thanks for your quick reply
  3. hmm its taking only sigmatel what came with my MOBO, 6 years ago and its not working good, sound is very compressed kind of and you can't get what dialogue going on
  4. I've left you some info in you PM so check it out :)

  5. Got it
  6. dont plug both of the audio cables to your motherboard
  7. I plugged only one but sound coming like they talking in air

    is it chassis front panel jack problem? or I need troubleshoot
    but I did troubleshoot
    and still trying to find driver if it can work
  8. Hey just for try using two headphone
    one on chassis and one on motherboard real panel

    both are giving same strange so its s/w problem but how to get rid of it?
    and if I plug in HD Audio in ac 97 port will it give hd quality?
  9. thanks for your replies

    Job done now its working great with realtek and sigmatel was not doing good
    working fine

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