380w Antec earthwatts able to run this system?

Sapphire 6670 1gb ddr3
Phenom II x3 BE 95w
4Gb (single slot) 9-9-9-27

Will My current psu be able to run this system? :X
On gaming with med to high settings
watching movies or editing music.
If not any other suggestions? ^_^, just wondering if it'll work with this PSU, and able to maintain longevity (i know gaming taxes the psu)

No OC well maybe the CPU to 3.0 if needed..
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  1. enough and fine under default and don't think OC
  2. Enough for overclocking and everything.

    the EA380D is good enough for a good quad core and a gtx 560 TI or 6870.
  3. Positive guys?! And it won't tax my PSU beyond the efficiency rating am I correct so it'll run like normal?
  4. +1 antec 380
  5. It'll even run a HD 6950 without any issues. :P
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