My Pc doesnt boots after an ideal or turned off 1-2 hours.I changedPSU

I am having a BIOSTAR D41D3C..It was working nice but one da my pc was very slow I tried formatting my pc...Formatting was successful but after formatting my pc booted and after 1 hour it freezed and only thing I can do was to switch off directly from UPS...I tried to boot again but It doesn't opened and I was not able to boot my PC from that time I tried changing my CMOS battery and PSU but It was out of luck then I tried starting up my pc without CPU power button I just joined two power terminals on Mother Board It started up but after an ideal 3 hours my pc again freezed and this time also same problem It wasn't starting then i tried joining two top CMOS terminals.....Yes,I have lost my cmos header which is of black color..IDK what it is called but if is is swapped to upper then normal restart and if it is settled with down two terminals then it is used to reset CMOS...Plz help My computer even not starts up If I leaves it for 1-2 hours even turned off...My motherboard is under warranty
Can anyone help out my pc config are:-
1-Biostar G41D3C
2-2 gb 800 mHZ ram x1
3-160 gb seagate barracuda
4-Gt220 1 gb ddr3
5-450 watt INTEX pSu
6-Windows 7 professional X32
I thing it is enough information.
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  1. Does it make any post sounds? Like a BEEP?
    Usually if it doesn't make any sounds its a CPU/motherboard problem.
  2. No bro
  3. Try only by CPU+MOBO+RAM+HDD
  4. Dont use gpu * when booting system
  5. THE UNKNOWN said:
    Dont use gpu * when booting system

    Hey are you sure...I mean If I will not use GPU how can I play games
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