Best Mobo for Core i5 2500K?

Im looking for a Motherboard to go with my Core i5 2500K, £110 is my limit and I will be overclocking.

These are what I've been looking at so far:

MSI P67A-G45

ASRock P67 Pro3

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  1. i would go for the ASUS then , personal preference off course ( i think asrock sucks)
  2. Can you go up to £120 ?
    If so Asrock P67 EXTREME4 is best you can find unless want to spent much more
  3. £100.85 inc. vat Free Delivery
    Asrock P67 PRO3 V3 1155 Socket 7.1 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard
  4. Ehhh, I like the Pro3 V3, but I don't think it compares to the G45, since the G45 has the ability to SLI. It's also quite a solid board.
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