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I'm about to buy a HDTV and I want my TV to be connected directly via HDMI to my PC. The PC need a video card that support 1080p (full HDTV support) and it also need to support a dual screen setup on my desktop. (2 LCD monitor + 1 HDTV) all connected to my PC video card.

The HDTV is a LCD-DEL Sony Bravia KDL-46NX810.

I don't need a PC to play games, I prefer to use my xbox for that. I just want to be able to watch 1080p videos on my TV via my PC and surf teh interwebs also.

I was thinking about buying the parts on (I'm canadian) and build it myself. (Yes I can easily do that).

I don't want to spend too much money on that project. 500-800$ max is my budget. Including the 2 desktop LCD and the wireless peripherals. (So I can use them in my living room)

Can you guys recommend me a build I can buy on

Thank you

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  1. Hi Sebastien,

    There are lots of options to get what you want. I would suggest an AMD build for that budget, However, I'm not knowledgable enough about their product line to make a CPU/Mobo suggestion as I usually do intel builds, I will leave that to the ones with more experience.

    What I would suggest to you, from one canadian to another, is that you not buy from unless you have to. Rather, I would suggest going to the old brick and mortor stores if you can. My favourites are Tiger Direct and Canada Computers.

    The reason I suggest this is all their prices are VERY similar. BUT, when you get a componant that doesn't work, it is a lot less of a hassle to drive to the store and replace it same day rather than going through the RMA process.

    When I built my PC last year, I got all the parts in the mail, mostly from But guess what? My MOBO crapped out within 24 hours. Rather than just hop in the car for a replacement, I was waiting a couple weeks for the whole RMA process.

    All my subsequent builds for friends or family I but the majority of the parts from my local tiger direct and canada computers. Some times its a few bucks more at these places than at newegg, but when you add the shipping costs in, it all evens out or you end up saving a few bucks.

    Just something to think about.
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