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I have a workstation I'm in the process of choosing parts for and would like to get a more direct answer for the ram.

Workstation to run cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk 3ds Max.
64gb of ram will be directly beneficial to some programs, but I'd also like to create a pretty good size ram disk.

CPU: Intel i7-3930k

With that in mind, I'm looking for ram that is reputable and cost effective.

Is it better to just get a 64gb kit or is it cheaper to do a 2x 32gb kit? Are there problems with doing a 2x 32gb kit?

I appreciate any recommendations.

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    Cheap but huge heatsinks. You could probably trim it off.
  2. Honestly I don't think you need 64GB right now. 32 GB will satisfy all of your workstation needs, according to the programs you are saying you will use.

    And it's better to take advantage of quad-channel memory, so my recommendation would be to get 8 sticks of 4gb (something like G.Skill Ripjaw Z series will do the job).
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