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I have been working with Win 7 for a year. On my network is another machine running Win XP with a HP Laserjet 2100M attached and I have been sharing the printer successfully until just recently. I renamed the Win XP machine on my network. I had to revise my credentials on Win 7 to properly re-connect to the Win XP machine and can now share files successfully but cannot connect to the printer. My old printer connection fails because it had the old machine name. I deleted the old printer connection and cannot create a new one.
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  1. Can you see the printer share when you run \\xpcomputername from the run box? If you see it, right-click on it and choose connect. It will probably prompt you for a driver, especially if XP is 32 bit.
  2. The obvious solutions such as those proposed above fail because HP no longer supports the Universal Print drivers for this printer (and others) it has sold over the years...but there is a work-around that I located (actually the same one I found a year ago when I first installed Win soon we forget) here
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