Will my system limit a new GPU?

Current system specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775
Windows 7 64bit
EVGA 8800GT 512B RAM

Im thinking of upgrading my GPU to a Nvidia GTX460 1GB. Will my current CPU/RAM severly limit the GPU or should I be alright?
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  1. !!Yup ur CPU will limit the GPU . A good cpu is the first thing u need for pc gaming . You have enough ram but your cpu is not up to the mark ...
  2. Most those Core 2 Duo's OC nicely. See how high an OC you can get with it. If you have a friend you can borrow a newer card from, that will answer most of your questions with a little benchmarking.

    The Radeon 6850's are dropping in price lately--I've seen some at $133 after rebate. You'll bottleneck one of those just the same, but it will be more efficient when crossfired down the line on a new computer than a GTX 460.
  3. Current monitor rez is 1650x1280...something like that.

    I build my own machines but haven't ever messed with overclocking. Think it may just be time to upgrade everything. Thanks for the suggestions, I figured it would bottleneck.
  4. At your resolution (likely 1680x1050), you won't see a hideous bottleneck; you might begin to see some at lower resolutions, but not there. A 1GB GTX460 is a nice GPU anyway, so buy it. See how it performs. If, and only if, you see bottlenecking, then you can think about spending more money on further upgrades.
  5. I agree withh jtt283. In non multi threaded games(non gta,BF etc), you shouldnt notice any earth shattering bottleneck.
  6. I agree that the bottleneck won't be serious. But I also think learning to OC is completely worth it.
  7. JTT283,

    You mention if I see bottlenecking. What exactly would I be looking for? Lower frame rates then would be expected? Or would I be looking for something else?
  8. Bottlenecking will mostly manifest as lower framerates than your card benchmarks at for a given test. It could also be unexpected slowdowns at areas of heavy CPU, RAM, or HDD work.

    If you want to locate the cause of a presumed bottleneck, manually speeding up that component would be the clearest way to check. But if they're already as fast as you can get them (max OC), then slow the component down to see how pronounced the change is. That can't prove a bottleneck like speeding up can, but it can disprove a bottleneck.
  9. Unusually low frame rate at lower resolutions would indicate a CPU bottleneck. For example, if you got 60FPS at 1680x1050, and only went up to, say 62FPS at 1440x900, the CPU is the bottleneck. OTOH, if it jumped to over 80FPS, then likely the GPU is the bottleneck (although 60FPS is quite good, assuming there aren't also severe dips).
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