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I know that the mother board is a Acer WMCP78M and currently have a AMD Sempron LE1350 installed. However, I want to upgrade and am worried about getting the wrong card. I know that I have read here that some people say you can use a AM3 CPU on an AM2 socket. However, I wasn't sure. I really don't know what I need to make sure matches up.

I have never really done anything like this before and while I did download CPUZ to find out more information about my motherboard. I am still sort of lost in the search for the right CPU.

What are the things that I need to look at in regards to my motherboard and the CPU to make sure that they will work? Also, what does nm and the L1 and L2 cache tell me? Thanks for any information.
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  1. I had read that thread before, but it seemed to just devolve into a PSU upgrade, which has already happened since the original PSU died on us. I have a 550W one now. I have upgraded the Video Card and I will get more RAM when I do the CPU, but it can only hold about 4 RAM anyway. I was just curious if any one else knew more about this stuff than what I had found searching online.

    I guess the thing that I am worried about most is the whole CPU being too powerful for the motherboard. Or is that even an issue if the PSU is already more powerful? I am just assuming that the motherboard limits how much power the CPU is able to get, right?
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    Full System specs. @

    Acer recommend an Athlon X2 which is still better than your Sempron and can be bought of ebay for pennies.

    But I'd be surprised if a 65watt Athlon II x3 440 didn't work and it is a nice sweet spot, your board wouldn't do justice to a Phenom.

    before you do anything though, flash with the lastest bios to ensure cpu support.
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