Good OCing mobo for around $100?

hi Guys

i'm thinking of upgrading my cpu and mobo. getting a i5 2500k.

what mobo would you recommend that is good in OCing for around $100 or less?

thx in advance.

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  1. whats your budget for cpu and mobo ?
  2. ASRock Z77 Extreme4

    Intel Core i5-3570K
  3. under 120$ for the mobo. cpu is fine.
    i was looking at

    i am also thinking about xfire 7850 and ivy bridge for future upgrades. any thought about that mobo?
    or do u have a better recommendation around that same price?

  4. Price goes little higher but its good :)
    i5 3570k have hd4000 inbulit + pcie 3.0 support that i5 2500k not having
  5. i would say extreme 4 cause its having x8/x8 dual gpu support that pro not have
  6. bummer.... its sold out at microcenter....

    any other mobo you would recommend?
  7. im not able to see that link
    if you click on the online catalog, its on page 27
  9. what's name of manufacture and series that'll help me
  10. I checked it it's quiet good but thing is it's z68 not z77 if you put IB in z68 mobo it'll not boot up until you upgrade bios to support IB but it needs SB
  11. Asrock z77 extreme 4 is in price same as above but it's z77 instead z68
  12. Are you already bought i5 2500K SB or ?
    If yes then also take z77 cause it'll run them bot without need of flashing
  13. just checked microcenter center again,. they got the asrock ext 4 z77 u recommended in stock again. i should hurry there after work.
  14. Yup :)
  15. will this psu work well with the 3570k, asrock ext 4 mobo and future 7850 xfire upgrades?
  16. That'll work fine but if you mean crossfire then it'll not gonna work at 700w
  17. 800w then?
  18. well your gpu requirements needs 600w i would highly suggest you to get 1000w but 850 will also good
  19. thanks for ur help.
  20. No problem :)
  21. CORSAIR Professional Series HX850
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