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First build, need suggestions

Hello, I am currently putting together a build for a computer which I am saving up for, It may be a few months be-for I have the money for the build.

Time until purchase: Few months
Budget: 1100$

Case: Cooler Master HAF 922


Motherboard: ASRock P67 Extreme4 B3 $159.99

Processor: Core Intel i5 2500k $224.99

GPU: Galaxy 56NGH6HS4IXZ GeForce GTX 560 Ti $229.99
I am hoping to get a 2nd graphics card as soon as I can, which will add onto the cost.

CPU Cooler: Need a suggestion
RAM: 4GB (Owned)
HDD: 500GB (Owned)
Disk drive: DVD RW (Owned)

Total: 835$
Total with 2nd card: 1065$ (just below budget)

thanks for any suggestions given, I guess one of my biggest questions is if all these pieces will fit together.
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    Cooler... Hyper 212 plus has impressed me. It's better with it's one fan at $25 than my H50 with aftermarket fans in a push/pull set up at $100.

    Also, consider an HAF 912. It's a pretty impressive case at half the cost of the 922. You could apply the savings to a GTX 570 or 580. I say this because I advise anyone to start their build with the single best video card they can afford and add a second at a later date. You may find a single 570 or 580 would give you all the video firepower you need. If you need to add a second card at some later date, your video capability will be well beyond 2 560s. Just something to think about.

    Other than that, the parts you've listed will work together.
  2. Alright, ill look at the fan you suggested.

    I was considering the HAF 912, but didn't know if it had enough space for upgrades, especially if I'm going to be sticking more then one card in here at once. Will the 580 fit in the 912 case without to much problems?

    I will listen to your advice, however, and go with a better card. Its best to do it right the first time, to prevent having to upgrade to soon.
    (and unless told otherwise, will go with the 912 case)
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